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Bitcoin community Rewards

Ladies and gentlemen. We are starting with the first community rewards with an overall value of up to 2,49123355 BTC for the best hints and helpers. The payment depends on the final solution for the case and returns as much Bitcoin as possible. When there is no Bitcoin returned, there is no reward.

Background: One of our customers was scammed back in 2019 and we went to the police with the customer in Munich. After long waiting, there was still no reply from the police about the case. In order to move on and having a better chance to find the missing Bitcoin, we are now asking the community for help. This is all backed up by the client with an assignment agreement. 50% go to the client. 25% to the community, 25% to Bitcoin Meister. If we need additional lawyers, in this case, the rewards will be reduced by the costs in front.

The overall Bitcoin in number that is missing: 9,96493422 BTC

How it happened?

The client was scammed by someone called Roger Stein. He asked the client to send him his Bitcoin to make more out of it. So he was told, when he sends the Bitcoin to another address, they would care for multiplying it. Of course, the client never heard back from the Scammer and he was gone with around 9,96 BTC.

All we have is a Bitcoin Wallet Adress, a name and a mobile phone number. Please respect, that we only can give out this data to verified members, as we also respect your privacy.

The wallet address where it all starts is: 3MyZ9fat94M7t4SrGq1v6fnSg8mYpR9V2a
This is the scammer’s address.
Transaction 1/2 you can see here:
TX 2/2:
Where did it end exactly? Where the coins mixed?

The following data is only shown to verified users:
(Please verify to view all the hot data like email, mobile phone and bank account from the scammer.)

As you see, the value of the Bitcoin is now worth much more. Now it is on all of us to get the hints and tips we need to make this a big success. The person also scammed many others and we think there may be a bigger group behind this all.
The rewards will be split fairly to all hints. The best hints will receive the biggest rewards. Please note again, rewards are only paid out when we finish this case successfully and get back as much Bitcoin as possible. From the amount we get back, we will divide as mentioned at the start of this article.
Please verify to see all personal data from the scammer.

We will also provide Q&As around this case as they flow in.

Please report all information by email: [email protected]
Please leave your username or the email address you are registered with Bitcoin Meister.

May the honest persons win this time.

With best regards, hunt them down. Stefan


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  1. Is there any more info? Like what country this roger stein resided in? What was/is the corresponding phone number? They must of had some other details about what he does for work? You don’t just send 10k in btc with just a name and number? How was he supposed to be making money with these coins? I need a rabbit hole to go down it?

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