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Payment options and shipping costs

Delivery times

Your merchandising product will be created and printed only when you order.

For faster fullfilment and delivery, we use facilities from the EU, USA, Australia and Mexico.

The expected shipping times will b shown in your cart or at the checkout.

Depending on the product it can be fullfilled in countries outside of your home country and additional fees like customs duties can occur.

Payment Options

Pay with Paypal or cryptocurrencies

Our Paypal Adress:

[email protected]

Note: Please only use the shop for payments.

Pay with crypto

With Bitcoinmeister you can now buy all products from the shop with your favorite cryptocurrency.

Use Bitcoin, Verge, Litecoin or 1000s of other cryptocurrencies and use them to buy your merch on Bitcoinmeister.


When you buy at Bitcoinmeister, 5% of the revenue will go into social projects. 

When the amount of donations reaches at least 50€, we are going to spend it for social usecases.

All you have to do is buying in our shop.

Tips and hints

Merch from the Champion Brand is fulfilled in the USA.

Most items are fulfilled in Latvia.

The usual delivery time for EU orders is 7-10 Business Days.

You receive a bill in PDF format for every order.

You may receive rewards in form of points or achievements when you sign up.

We also sell non crypto related merch like funny t-shirts.

As we only create your merch when you order and it is printed especially for you, there is no option for withdrawal, even if you order the wrong size.

Please use the sizeguides on the product pages.