Coin fees

Shop fees plus Blockchain and Exchange Transfer Fees, Exchange buy and sell fees.

We are charging penalty fees for certain coins because of high fluctuation.

We are giving discount on certain coins because of lower volatility or partner coins. For exchange fee details, please see Pricing.

Swap fees: Bitcoin Meister is charging 0.4 % fees for instant swaps, additional fees for this service can occur with the service provider.

Changenow: instant swaps


Delivery times

Physical products: 3-20 business days. Depending on delivery country and article origin sender country.
Coins and other virtual products: With the widgets, you can instantly buy coins or swap directly to your wallet. For smart-savings contracts, please view your subscription plan.

Payment Options

Nowpayments Details


Nowpayments is an official partner of Bitcoin Meister and offers means of payment in crypto currencies.

SEPA Bank Transfer

With the classic bank transfer, you simply send the total amount to our bank account. Once the payment has arrived, we will ship the goods or add to your subscription plans. A bank transfer can be instant, if you are using a Fidor Bank Account. Otherwise it can take from 1-3 business days, until the money arrives.

Bank Details





DE 54 7002 2200 0020 4681 14



Paypal and Credit Card

With Paypal, you can send and recieve money with your E-Mail address. Paypal is also the provider for Credit Card payments.

Paypal Details