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Developer Insights

This is the first developer update article written on Bitcoin Meister. So it’s not easy where, to begin with, the update.
The project started around 2 years ago. And from the first logo to the homepage, even the services we offer have changed over time. We went from custody to a non-custody service. The end consumer is now self-reliable for the holdings in any currency. This was the idea from the start. But also customers needed help with how to handle their ledger or a mobile wallet. People need assistance with this new tech.

Bridging the gap

In uncertain times like these, you will never know, what will happen tomorrow. In Germany for example, some banks already use negative rates and punish their customers to be deducting even more money from their holdings. Usually, you are using a bank with a; a monthly flat fee or, b; a bank with no monthly fees but fees for transfers, prints, etc. Everywhere a fee can be applied, there is one. It’s on you to calculate the interest rates you need, to get the lost funds back in.

On the other side, there are cryptocurrencies, a new way to gain interest rates with staking and holding on coins. We think, that the tech behind the blockchain may be a bit complicated. So we decided to build Bitcoin Meister around it, to help you get the perfect start in the crypto world.


We created a FAQ with the most frequently questions. This is important for your start on Bitcoin Meister and to understand our services better.

Listed premium coins

Premium Coins can be traded against € and are featured on the Coin Info pages. We have included all important information like the live market data for each coin, short info, wallets, charts, and more. We can offer fully customizable charts by Tradingview on our webpages.

Buy options for Coins and Token

You can buy Coins and Token with different options and depending on your user role. Only verified users from the EU and the United Kingdom will have access to buy and sell with € and SEPA money transfer. You also must be verified to use our new OTC service and see new special OTC products in the marketplace.
You can buy Coins over the marketplace and checkout with different payment options. Also, various fees apply. They can be viewed on the coin fees pages.


We have implemented the new feature OTC. Over the counter sales and buys are only for verified members. We have started selling Note Blockchain Coins and will add Green World Project Token GWP soon. Green World Project non-profit organization will need a fundraiser to further approve its stance in the green energy sector and to list on the Polkastarter fundraising platform.


You can buy 125 different crypto assets, including Stablecoins. Some Note tip packages are still left and can also be purchased without KYC.


We now offer selected merchandising articles shipped from the USA and Australia. When you buy one of these articles from the USA or Australia, the shipping costs will be cheaper, when you are living on these continents. All other merch is shipped worldwide from different locations. The location from your nearest port will be used and calculated by our fulfillment partner.


We have started an invitation-only program for new vendors. You now can sell your crypto or gaming-related products in the marketplace. We welcome Johnny Chop, 5Ksana, and Noteshi as the first 3 vendors on the platform. If you want to become a vendor, please ask us in one of the social media systems we are using.

Knowledge Base

We have started by implementing a knowledge base. It will cover all functions you can use on Bitcoin Meister. Later, we will add complete guides for wallets, how to use them, and the agent learning system.

Affiliate system

This system will help interested users to earn real money. Everyone can become an affiliate by applying to your dashboard. After you have clicked the button, you will have access to the affiliate dashboard and can start using your own referer link. On the affiliate offers page, you can always check, what you can earn per sold product or coin.
You can also use your own slugs and create QR codes to share with others. Download some pictures from the marketplace and use them as creatives. More functions will be covered in the knowledge base.

New marketpalce functions and a new payment option

The prices can now be switched in 4 different currencies. Euro is the base currency, $USD, Pound Sterling, and Note Blockchain Coins have been added. You can select your currency with the dropdown in all marketplace sections.
As soon as you lay any article in your basket, a shaky mini basket will appear on the left bottom of the website, popping up with your current cart. It will remind you to check out later and gives the website overall more interaction with the user.
Checkout with Note NTBC and pay with $NTBC payments powered by Bitcoin Meister. NTBC payments only work by choosing Note Blockchain in the currency dropdown before.
The sorting can now be changed with more attributes. For example price low to high and newness.

Reward System

We have implemented a new reward system that covers not only Point rewards as coins but also can give you some achievements over time. This can be additional coin earnings, discount codes, free merchandising, and other exciting stuff. We want you to stay longer on our websites and therefore implemented the new system. You can earn BMC, NTBC, and GWP for the start. New coins can apply for a fee and be added within the system. Once we have developed our own blockchain, coins can be withdrawn from the website. Please remember, we are non-custody and the points you earn are a virtual-only for now, but 1:1 backed by real coins.

See here for your personal earnings.

Fundraising for Bitcoin Meister

We will start a fundraiser for Bitcoin Meister. More information will be given soon.

Product Stream

A product stream is now showing our products on Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you for reading the latest Blog Update
Written by Stefan Zaunreither – Bitcoin Meister 12.10.2020


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Developer Insights

This is the first developer update article written on Bitcoin Meister. So it’s not easy where, to begin with, the update. The project started around

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