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Bitcoin Meister Feat Web summit 2020

It’s official, Bitcoin Meister will be attending Web Summit 2020, where we will showcase our user-friendly platform in the hopes of attracting more users.   We will be able to showcase Bitcoin Meister and our partner projects to many entrepreneurs and investors, to promote our ecosystem.  

Due to Covid, Web Summit 2020 is entirely online.  We do hope that we can meet like-minded entrepreneurs and future partners to help us grow.

We believe that attending Websummit is a strong demonstration that will lead more users to our platform as well as showcase our potential for the digital currency transformation.   Shortly before Websummit, we remind you that PayPal has started accepting digital currencies, so we do believe that there is a strong need for our services.   Having been selected for the start-up program will allow us to test our business model as well as introduce us to future investors, partners, and colleagues.  

One of the main things we wish to achieve is to find funding in order to build our professional exchange.
As mentioned previously, 2020’s Web Summit will be held online, which means that Bitcoin Meister will be holding online conversations with interested individuals either in 1 on 1 conversation or in small group discussions.  We will be attending Web Summit 2020 from December 2nd to the 4th.

What is Web Summit:
Web Summit is one of the largest tech conferences in the world, and even though 2020 does its best to divide us, Web Summit will bring us together online.

What Is Bitcoin Meister:

Bitcoin Meister is a young start-up that originated in the 2018 bull run when bitcoin achieved never before seen price valuation.    Many people got hurt when the price dropped suddenly and gave up on crypto, which resulted in the idea of Bitcoin Meister, how to buy digital currencies safely, and to learn how it functions, (as opposed to throwing money because it’s hot right now).  

The aim of Bitcoin Meister is to showcase the use of digital currencies while encouraging individuals to become their own banks.    We are a digital platform that bridges traditional financial systems to the systems of the future, where decentralization is the norm.

As such, we have developed a sense of community with like-minded projects in order to provide a starting place for people to explore and learn about cryptocurrencies, and their many uses.

This article was written by Alexandre Ederer on October 30, 2020.


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