Welcome to Bitcoin Meister

A startup for the blockchain industry in the EU, based in Germany



Our future plans

Personal service on the go with Bitcoin Meister Agents.

Fiat to Crypto

Provide a full working fiat to crypto onramp exchange with several payment methods.


We help you to setup your wallet and provide workshops around blockchain for B2C and B2B.


We build partnerships by working together with several blockchain projects and reach communities in the millions.


In the long run, Bitcoin Meister will be fully decentralised. We aim to achieve this goal by the year 2030.

Bitcoin Meister will not just be another exchange.

our team

Originally founded back in March 2018 by Stefan, Bitcoin Meister has come a long way until the first team members joined the project. Stefan is the founder and CEO of the startup followed by Alexandre Ederer as the CMO and Jari Sulkimo as CTO. Jari joined in mid 2019 and has pre developed a new UI dashboard we will later use on the new platform. 

Alex is the community lead of Verge Currency and the CEO of Note Blockchain and brings partners with new communities in the tenthousands.

Christophe from France is our creative writer and is continuously studying blockchain. So will you when reading his articles.

Most of our team members know Bitcoin since it`s creation and gained many years of crypto and blockchain experience in the past years.

Together, we are building the next generation crypto exchange for Europe.

OUR Current Progress

We provide blockchain solutions and MVP`s, partner up with many other blockchain projects, seek for investors and will develop THE next generation cryptocurrency exchange.

P2P Exchange
NFT Platform
Professionall Exchange
Fiat to crypto onramp exchange
BMC Coin
Working MVP products
One Pager
Invest in  Bitcoin Meister

Founding the startup will help bring crypto and blockchain to the masses. With our knowledge and partnerships, we will drive the european crypto market to a new level. Let us build the next generation european crypto exchange together.


The bank monopoly

Bitcoin Meister is a solution designed for a world with digital currencies built for specific use, where countries and governments no longer have a monopoly on currencies.

Partner Development

Strong hands

The development of partnerships with innovative crypto projects ensures a stream of new users and a base for which we can further develop our own platform.

Crypto purity


We believe that something like the purity law of German beer is necessary to promote the safe introduction of crypto.

KYC Verify

Know your customer

We will verify our users according to the latest KYC and AML standards.

latest news from bM
Read the latest news about Bitcoin Meister and discover exclusive stories and backgrounds around blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


    “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

    ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince