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Bitcoin Meister provides barrier-free access to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Start trading cryptocurrencies after registration, simply buy and sell from your wallet or bank account, or exchange coins with Spot Trading. Custody free.

Savings Account

With the saving account you save Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins on a monthly basis.

Staking Service

Mining is cost intensive and bad for our environment. With Staking, saving interest rates and generating new coins becomes more friendly to our nature. (tba)


Spot Exchange your favorite Coin or Token without needing a professional trading softwre.


Trade Bitcoin and other Coins against € and other cryptocurrencies with high liquidity. Including professional tools and charts. (tba)


Consulting for buying and selling Bitcoin including OTC Services. KYC on the go. Ask your agent for a Bitcoin Meister savings account.

Bitcoin Meister is a solution designed for a world with digital currencies built for specific use, where countries and governments no longer have a monopoly on currencies.

The development of partnerships with innovative crypto projects ensures a stream of new users and a base for which we can further develop our own platform.

We believe that something like the purity law of German beer is necessary to promote the safe introduction of crypto.

We give the community various opportunities to share in our success. Invest in Bitcoin Meister now.

We verify our users according to the latest KYC and AML standards.

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15.986,68 297,64 B 18,56 M BTC21,00 M BTC3,60%0,07%
500,14 57,04 B 113,67 M ETH0,00 ETH5,54%0,82%
0,519863 23,64 B 45,33 B XRP100,00 B XRP8,01%10,22%
0,836765 16,26 B 19,41 B USDT19,41 B USDT0,04%0,31%
74,12 4,91 B 66,00 M LTC84,00 M LTC2,39%0,54%


Dress like Satoshi Nakamoto


Go bathing with your coin



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We have combined social media with a cryptocurrency wallet so users can easily support their favorite creators by sending them a bit of crypto on the posts they like.

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