Your start into the crypto world with Bitcoin Meister

When you first got involved with Bitcoin, some questions certainly came up. What is Bitcoin anyway? What is a wallet and how can I even use the coins?

Bitcoin Meister wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get started and has designed a portal where you can buy and sell coins easily without any restrictions. We also show you how to use a wallet and how to pay with it.

We offer 100% custody-free crypto services, which means that you always need a separate wallet for your coins. We recommend that you order one of the hardware wallets, so you are always on the safe side and protected from hackers.

For an easy start, we provide you with a FAQ with most questions and answers.

Our support is personally available for you around the clock.

What do I need to register with Bitcoin Meister?

We recommend that you download the Google Authenticator app in advance to make your account more secure. Confirming with 2FA will provide additional security for your account. In addition to your password, an additional 6-digit number is still required to access your account.

  • Register at Bitcoin Meister

To use our products and services, you need to register at Bitcoin Meister. After registration, an automatically generated password will be sent to you together with your account activation. Please click on the link for account activation. After you have activated your account, the verification process will take place. Please remember to change your password.

  • Verify account

In order to trade cryptocurrencies, verification is necessary. Please fill out and submit the KYC form. Within 2 days we will check your verification and if it is positive, you will be activated.

  • Trade

Now you have access to buy and sell coins and you can buy cryptocurrencies with Euro and exchange cryptocurrencies with Euro. You can also swap cryptocurrencies with each other. Now you can take out a Bitcoin Meister savings plan and benefit from the monthly cost-average effect.

  • Marketplace

In our marketplace, you can buy additional coins and have there also the possibility to pay with Paypal, credit card, and other cryptocurrencies. The fees will be added at the checkout.

Buy merchandising, we have everything from t-shirts to stickers that your heart desires and you support our partner projects at the same time.

  • Affiliate System

Become our advertising partner and receive a credit in € for every product sold, which you can withdraw to your bank account or Paypal at any time. We offer you an extra dashboard with many useful tools for affiliates.


What is Bitcoin Meister or its german equivalent is what we call a digital currency bank or DcB for short. Unlike a traditional

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Trading rules

Bitcoin Meister is a non-custody exchange. We are offering fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat exchange.

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