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Who won Cyberpunk and 1 Million Note Blockchain Coins

The winners for 1x Cyberpunk 2077 and 1x 1 Million Note Blockchain Coins have been drawn. The winners are drawn with their user ID by

The winner for Cyberpunk is drawn between all users who joined us until writing this article and from December 13-2020

The winner for the game Cyberpunk 2077 is the user Abhi142 registered over the EU platform. Congratulations! We will send you an email soon!

The winner for 1 Million Note Blockchain Coins is Vincente, also registered on the EU platform. Congrats! We will reward you the 1 Million $NTBC Coins on your account and will let you know per email. You can redeem the Coins anytime you want.

We wish all our users and partners a very happy Christmas and some cheerful days with your family and loved ones.
We will go into a short break until December 27 and will be back shortly.
Thank you for supporting us.

The Bitcoin Meister Team – Stefan Zaunreither


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