Bitcoin Meister is a non-custody exchange. We are offering fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat exchange. This means, any fiat money or crypto you are paying, you will receive the counterpart on your personal crypto wallet or receive the collateral to your EU bank account.

You can exchange cryptocurrencies in the following ways:

  • Buy cryptocurrencies on the marketplace and use any of the payment systems we offer. The fees for the payment method are added at the checkout. You can buy crypto on the marketplace for up to 500,00 € per month without KYC and registration. Buy cryptocurrencies on the marketplace with gift cards.
  • Buy cryptocurrencies with the “Buy Coins with €” form from 50,00 € – only for certified (KYC) users.
  • Sell cryptocurrencies with the “Sell Coins for €” form from 50,00 € – only for certified (KYC) users.
  • Swap one cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency – only for certified (KYC) users.


The fees can be found here.

Market buy and sell and liquidity

Bitcoin Meister buys and sells market from liquid professional trading exchanges like Binance. Bitcoin Meister also has a collateral of coins for keeping the volatility below 20% for certain coins, which do not provide enough liquidity on the exchanges yet.


Bitcoin Meister can hold certain types of coins for OTC transfers that will not cause any market fluctuation. Bitcoin Meister also will offer OTC for Note Blockchain and directly support the Note Team. In addition, you can buy Green World Project GWP Tokens and directly support the GWP foundation.

You can request OTC for any type of coin or Token we have listed on our platform. The fees always depend on the agreement between Bitcoin Meister, the seller, and the buyer and can be different every time.

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