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The underestimated cryptocurrency project Note Blockchain

Note Blockchain is a new social media app with a cryptocurrency in the background. Two things stand out from all other social media systems we currently use:

1; The right to forget and a censorship-free, state of the art social media app, where posts are deleted after 24 hours.

2; The possibility to Tip other users directly on their posts from the timeline and monetizing good content.

Now how does this look compared to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on?

When we use the Tweets made by Trump as an example, we can say it like that. On Facebook and Twitter, his accounts have been blocked by the companies. On the Note Blockchain App, all users are free to decide who they want to block. The system does not say this is bad and you are not blocked for all users. Of course, the Note App still uses a reporting system to go against any content which is illegal by the means. Freedom of speech is on your side as long you do not misuse it. The community will care for it and sort out the bad guys.

Just let me add, I am not a fan of Trump and took his tweets as an example.

Good for new cryptocurrency users

The Note social App is more of barrier-free access to crypto compared to other Apps, as it integrates an own coin wallet for every user.

Advantages: No long mnemonic seeds to worry about, signup with your number and password. You do not have to tell who you really are. You could still use another number for the app but this number must be reachable for sending login codes etc.

Disadvantage: no private keys


Timeline, Add friends, private Messages, Groups, Tip other users, send and receive $NTBC on the integrated wallet, set challenges for your friends (for example walk 10000 steps to receive a reward), and many more.

Apps available for:

Android, Mac


Yes, you can mine the coin with the Scrypt algorithm.

Buy Note Blockchain Coins on Bitcoin Meister today or add some Note merch to your collection.

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Thank you for joining. See you in the Note App, hopefully.

Have a nice day.
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