Note Blockchain (NTBC) OTC offer

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Note Blockchain (NTBC) OTC offer


Buy Note Blockchain Coins OTC  for a flat per 1 Million Coins


Note Blockchain


Coin calculator

Please Note:
The Coin calculator is not exactly the amount of coins you will receive. The calculator does not include Bitcoin Meister fees, market volatility and exchange fees.


Depending on the payment provider, you will be charged different fees at checkout.
Fee table

How it works

  1. Choose the value you want to buy
  2. Go to the basket
  3. When everything is checked and ok, proceed to checkout
  4. Choose the payment option at checkout
  5. The exact fees are added after deciding on the payment provider
  6. Fill out your data and the correct wallet address
  7. Pay your order
  8. Receive your Coins directly to your own wallet

Some Notes: All Coins offered are bought on the most liquid exchanges. All orders are executed by market orders.
If you want to set a buy order, please let us know at the checkout. A buy order can be held for 24 hours. All orders have to be executed in this time window. If you need further assistance or a trading strategy, do not hesitate to ask our Agents.

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Christophe WILHELM (verified owner)

I Like this Project, and i believe in Note Blockchain (NTBC)

Nicolas Demarche (verified owner)

Tolle Sache! Only up!

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Shipping Policy

All Coins are sent to the given wallet address in a time window of 24 hours.

Refund Policy

You can always exchange currencies to other currencies. This is not exactly a refund, all Coins which have been sent to the blockchain with a transaction ID, are not able to be refunded, even if they are lost. There is no way to refund coins from the blockchain and technically, this is not possible. No refund for checkout and exchange fees and volatility.

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

You can cancel your buy or sell order until you have an order confirmation or the order is paid. Bitcoin Meister will cancel the order, if the user is not verified (KYC) and will refund the user excluding the checkout fees. (checkout fees will not be refunded)
Sorry no more offers available
Note Blockchain OTC offer. Buy NTBC for a flat rate per 1 million coins.
What is Note Blockchain?

Download the App for IOS or ANDROID

Or Download the QT Wallet for Windows, Mac, and Linux
With the QT Wallet, you not only save all your private keys on your own but also support the Note Blockchain network by running a full node.

What happens when you buy this product?
You can buy packages from 1 Million NTBC. You can buy as many packages as you want until all packs are sold.
Who is the seller?
Bitcoin Meister and their Agents
Is there a no sell agreement?
Yes and no. We are asking our customers to hold the bought NTBC for at least 12 months until they are sold. But we can not guarantee this as the buyers always will receive their coins on their given wallet address after the purchase. This is also called a gentleman agreement.
Who does it help?
We buy the Coins directly from Note Blockchain LLC and have a 5 year OTC partnership. So we are selling the PCO from NTBC.
Note Blockchain will invest the revenue into new cycles for developing the Note App, adding new features and to pay for the marketing and new exchange listings.
What is a PCO?
A post coin offering, also mentioned in the Pitch Deck of Note Blockchain.
The Benefits of PCO
♦ Proven ability to plan and execute a blockchain project from the ground up and built a thriving community around it.
♦ Initial market reception is exceedingly positive.
♦ Existing users provide valuable feedback.
♦ Company is structured to reward investors with equity plus premined currency.
♦ Evangelists are primed and ready to publicize new features.
Result: Significantly lower risk than ICO while retaining the potential to disrupt a massive industry
How does it affect the price on the markets?
OTC should not affect prices of NTBC at the exchange.
How many Coins are sold?

In May 2021, we are selling 100 Million Coins!
#In April 2021, we sold 50 Million Coins. – SOLD OUT
#In May 2021, we sold 100 Million Coins. – SOLD OUT

#In June 2021, we are selling 100 Million Coins.

Do I need to be verified to buy OTC?
Can I buy all at once with a discount?
Yes you can, please contact us directly: [email protected]
What else do I need?
A Note Blockchain wallet address. We recommend to download a QT wallet or web wallet and save the keys on a USB Stick.
There is no option for using a hardware wallet yet, just use our secure USB stick to save the files on and make a backup.
Or just use the native Note App.
Are there fees added at the checkout?
Yes, the normal checkout fees occur. SEPA bank transfer 1,5%, Paypal and Credit Card 4,9%, Cryptocurrencies 2% (Nowpayments)
Just notice: The fees are added at the checkout only before you hit the buy button and after selecting the payment option.