P2P Exchange is now open

The Bitcoin Meister P2P exchange is now open and free to use for all verified members of the Bitcoin Meister platform.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin Meister P2P?

  • List the coins you want to sell for free
  • List any cryptocurrency asset which is available on the market
  • Pay only a flat fee at the checkout for the buyer
  • Bitcoin Meister handles the transfer between the buyer and the seller
  • Direct payout to the wallet adresses
  • Only verified users can buy and sell on the P2P exchange

What Coins are not allowed?

Post Coin Offerings, Initial Coin offerings, Scamcoins, PI Coin.

What coins are welcome?

All Coins with a usecase and partner coins. From Bitcoin to Verge, from Note Blockchain to Groestlcoin adding other crypto assets which are not yet listed on Bitcoin Meister.

How does it work?

Go into your account dashboard and from there the last menu tab is “Sell Coins

From your account dashboard, scroll down to the last tab and click on Sell Coins.

From there, you will be guided what to inout in the fields.

  1. Insert the title including the amount of Coins and the asset you want to offer
    Example: 0,12 Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Enter a description including your own wallet address you sell from.
  3. Add an image, please only use coin logos.
  4. Add your price

We will check your offer and list it on the P2P Exchange. Users now can buy your offer on the marketplace.

What happens when my Coins are sold?

  1. Bitcoin Meister will contact you asking for your payout wallet. We are using the internal ticket system for it, so its worth to check by on a regular base.
    You can find your tickets in your personal ticket area in your account dashboard.
  2. We payout in Tether, Litecoin, Ethereum, Note Blockchain, Verge, to your bank account and by Paypal.
  3. Once the order is finished, the offer is closed.


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