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Bitcoin Meister & HTMLCOIN/Althash – New Partnership

Hello everyone!

Bitcoin Meister and HTMLcoin (and Althash Blockchain) have established a new partnership that allows both parties to access new development opportunities. And this is also beneficial to their respective communities, potentially allowing them to grow as well.

In a nutshell:

  • Bitcoin Meister is the very first ‘Digital currency Bank‘ – DcB – that allows users, amateurs, pros and novices to the world of Cryptocurrencies, to buy Cryptosin the simplest way possiblewith FIAT (Fiduciary) Currency such as EuroDollar, by allowing you to buy Cryptos directly via a bank transfer. And all this ‘Custody Free‘, you don’t take any risk with your assets, and above all you remain the owner of them, all your Crypto are secured in your personal Wallets
  • HTMLcoin & Althash Blockchain supports all ambitious projects that need Blockchain Technology. Because Blockchain Technology has its place in any industry, which needs an ‘element’ of trust, without the need for a third party. As Vincent Hoffmann (COO of HTMLcoin & Althash) says, “We are looking for people with good skills and abilities, who don’t just ‘Talk Big’ but are able to ‘Do Big’, to take concrete actions“. 

The partnership between these two entities is primarily : 

And the second point of this partnership, and not the least, is the development of the NFT Market between Althash Blockchain & Bitcoin Meister.

Althash Blockchain is able to provide the necessary Smart Contracts for all NFT transactions, which will make Bitcoin Meister the very first NFT Trading platform in Europe.

As said before, the fees are extremely low, unlike the platforms that run on the Ethereum Blockchain where users have to pay mind-boggling fees (gas) to buy NFTs.

Althash Blockchain has completely redesigned the system to offer the lowest possible fees. Unlike all other NFT selling platforms, the artistic creations (images, photos, videos ..) are not hosted on the Blockchain (while the fees are calculated on the file size), but on a totally secure external server, and only the direct link to the NFT is hosted on the Blockchain. So the lowest possible fees for NFT Minting.

This will undoubtedly offer more opportunities to artists, and thus to the popularization of the NFT Market. Whose goal is to aim for Mass Adoption.

Collaboration must benefit both parties. The Partners must grow together and build something new. 

As V. Hoffmann says “The magic of any organization lies in its Team. (…) The Team makes magical things happen, whereas one person cannot do it alone, no matter how ambitious he is“. – As for Jean-François Ratelle, “Althash Blockchain is a War Machine supported by Awesom Guys“.

Blockchain is a ‘Tool‘, which only asks to be usedexploitedadaptedfor the common good, to make things move forward, to improve what can or should be improved.

This partnership between Bitcoin Meister & HTMLcoin/Althash Blockchain promises great things. More information will be coming soon. – Check this Facebook Video for the 1st live Interview of this Collaboration

See you soon

Christophe WILHELM

Bitcoin Meister

© Bitcoin Meister


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  1. Nice partnership, guys!

    Did you have any timeline or roadmap to launch the first version of the NFT Market?


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